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General description

The production of vermicompost (biohumus) is carried out by bioconverting different organic waste of agriculture and manufacturing origin, including manure of different animals kept for farming purposes (pigs, horses, cows, and hens), to high­quality organic fertiliser.

Production of vermicompost features the following main processes:

  • preparation of the substrate or the so­called compost (earthworm food);
  • placing the earthworms into the substrate/compost;
  • cultivation and additional feeding of earthworms;
  • removing the earthworms;
  • after­treatment of the raw material of vermicompost.

Out of 1 tonne of raw material, moisture 70–80%, 600 l of vermicompost, moisture 45–50%, are produced. The technological cycle of converting cattle manure to ready­made production takes 6–8 months.