Live in Harmony with Natural Principles

Current Situation

Tired of buying unhealthy food and discarding bio waste into garbage, where it doesn’t belong?

Our Solution

There Is a Better Way. Compost your kitchen bio waste at home using the Urbalive Worm Farm.

Thanks to the Urbalive Worm Farmfood scraps from your kitchen become an inviting food for your new household help – the red worms. They easily transform the kitchen bio waste into a natural fertilizer that provides optimal nutrition and protection for your plants, whether you grow them indoors, on a windowsill, on a balcony or in the garden.

You will enjoy both quality healthy food and the joy of growing your own plants. Everything begins and ends on the plate. This cycle is called the Green Loop

Discover the Joy of Being Connected to Nature!

The idea of our Green Loop philosophy is to deal with plants and organic material deliberately. That means to return the part which cannot be used otherwise back to natural cycle. This cycle, then, becomes a natural part of our everyday life.


The Urbalive product line was created with the goal of simplifying your path to nature, a healthy lifestyle and sustainability of natural resources.

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