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Earthworms „Staratel“


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Cultivation of the earthworm “Staratel” in closed premises takes place whole year. Their main feature is that they are suited for fast and qualitative processing of different organic waste of manufacturing origin (animal and fowl manure, plant waste, sediments from water treatment plants, waste from food processing plants) to vermicompost — a highly efficient organic fertiliser, usage of which improves the agrochemical properties of agricultural production, increases its quality, and maximise the harvest.

Distinct features of the earthworms “Staratel”:

  • Works within broader temperature diapason from +8° to +29°С;
  • Continue to lay cocoons, even if the temperature is +8° to +10°С;
  • Are noticeable of their lasting presence in the substrate. One earthworm of type “Staratel” gives 1500 descendants and 100 kg of vermicompost per year. Out of 1 tonne of compost, average 600 kg of vermicompost are produced and 10–15 kg of new earthworms cultivate;
  • Increased resistance to insects and diseases.

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