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The vermicompost production factory consists of three production units, where balanced and inter­related technological cycles of processing raw materials and producing the production are carried out in specific order.

  1. The first unit (fermentation unit): acceptance of raw materials, preparation of compost, fermentation of compost, and removing of pathogenic microorganisms, eggs of parasitic worms, and seeds of weeds.
  2. Then the compost is transported to the second production unit (vermicomposting unit), which is situated in a closed, heated room where the necessary conditions are maintained (temperature: 16–25°С, moisture: 75–80%). At this unit under the influence of earthworms and their microorganisms the compost is processed into semi­humified raw material of vermicompost. The main technological process takes place at stacks (furrows).
  3. The raw material of vermicompost produced at the second production unit is collected and sent to the third production unit (humification unit), where it is post­drayed, sifted, cleared out, and where complete humification of the organic part of the vermicompost takes place.