Bio soil

“BioSoil” is the new product of the company “Green-PIK LAT” – a unique soil mixture, which is completely ready for use as the major nutritive source in agricultural production, horticulture, cultivation of decorative and indoor flowers.

Soil mixture BioSoil is a 100% natural product, containing:

  • high-quality “Green-PIK LAT” vermicompost;
  • moss peat;
  • sand.

Thanks to vermicompost, BioSoil is full of a wide range of required nutrient elements, vitamins, and necessary live bacteria of soil.

BioSoil ensures full nutrition of plants during their vegetation process, as well as their production after planting or sowing thereof in outdoor soil.

Thanks to BioSoil, vegetables, greens, and decorative cultures in greenhouses will have:

  • strong immunity;
  • strong root system;
  • delicious, healthy fruits;
  • high germination degree of seeds;
  • high adaptation ability and stress resistance of seedlings;
  • wonderful aroma of flowers, and their petals will have bright, satu rated colours.

BioSoil is best suited for:

  • cultivation of vegetables, flowers, fruits and berries in greenhouses and outdoor soils, as well as for their cultivation in winter;
  • layering of cuttings of flowers and horticultural crops;
  • cultivating, pricking out vegetable and flower seedlings in an outdoor soil or in a greenhouse;
  • cultivating cacti.

Nutrition elements established during the packaging:

  • Nitrogen (N) – 0,3%
  • Phosphorus (P2O5) – 0,2%
  • Potassium (K2O) – 0,3%
  • Organic substances – min 14,6%
  • Humidity – max 30,0%
  • PH 6,0 – 7,0

Store in a dry place. Storage temperature: -25°C to +40°C. Keep away from direct sunlight. Storage period: 2 years.

Available packing: 5L, 10L