Green-PIK LAT Vermicompost Extract is a concentrated 100% organic liquid that has to be diluted in water and is applied for sprinkling roots and leaves of plants. Plants assimilate all nutrients extract contains by cells that in its turn speeds up their fiziological and biochemical processes. The immune system of plants treated with Green-PIK LAT Vermicompost Extract gets improved strenghtening resistance against bad weather conditions and plant illnesses.


Benefits of Green-PIK LAT Vermicompost Extract

After using Vermicompost Extract we can observe better ability to germinate, better development of root system, longer stability of moisture content, quicker development of roots and their growth as well as better resistance against various bacteria and fungus illnesses. Concentrated product prevents the development of pathogenic microflora, decreases amount of nitrates in fruits and vegetables, protects plants from assimilation of heavy metals and increases the amount of sugar, protein and vitamins in plants. Vermicompost Extract  stimulates blossoming of plants, increases fruitfulness, improves the quality of ready production and storage time.


If we use Vermicompost Extract in floriculture, flowers have more blossoms and their colours are more bright.


Vermicompost Extract is completely compatible with fungicides, pesticides and insecticides that allows to use them simultaneously without changing technological process. It allows to decrease the influence of toxic substances, protects plants from heavy metals, as it makes them hardly reachable or completely insoluble combinations, and reasonably decreases the amount of nitrates in them.
Vermicompost Extract is a very effective fertilizer with wide range of application in all agricultural cultures: crops, technicals, fruits, grapes, vegetables, flowers, grass, bushes and many others.


In practice it is proved that Green-PIK LAT Vermicompost Extract for flowers or vegetables:

  • provides plants with nutrients in their early stage of development stimulates their growth;
  • helps plants to absorb nutrients, micro and macro elements, vitamins, carbohydrates;
  • improves biometrical elements of harvest and increases the yield;
  • strengthens the immune system of plants, helps the plants to protect themselves from pests and illnesses;
  • sprinkling and/or treating seeds allow to decrease the use of pesticides for 30 %;
  • protects plants from stress, cold, dryness and unnecessary moisture;
  • helps plants to get ready for winter and get over it better.


Vermicompost Extract is friendly to environment, creates conditions for obtaining healthy food , helps to save money as there is less necessity to use chemical fertilizers. It enriches soil with nutrients, renews it, accelerates treatment of organic waste and mineralization.
In conventional agriculture Vermicompost Extract promotes and increases the ability of plants to absorb nutrients from chemical fertilizers securing the possibility to decrease their use up to 30%.


Preparing: The package of Vermicompost Extract is slightly shaked and diluted with water. The obtained liquid has to be used within 48 hours.


For the treatment of roots and surface part – mix concentrate with water 1:100:

  • sprinkle plant roots in all period of vegetation – 1 x a week;
  • replanted plants and bushes – 2 x a week;
  • perennial plants- 2 x a month;
  • lawns – 1 x a month;
  • sprinkle on the leaves of plants – in all period of vegetation – 1 x a week;
  • sprinkle on the soil during spring and autumn cultivation – 4-5 L of concentrate with 400 L of water for 1 ha of land;
  • grain treatment – 2-4 L extract with 200 l of water for 1 ha of land 2 x during vegetation period.

For all decorative and cultivated plants, treatment of seed, tubers, onions before planting and sowing – to soak in 100% Extract concentrate:

  • onions and tubers – 1-3h;
  • seeds of heguminous plants – 6h;
  • seeds of salad and radish – 12 h;
  • seeds of cucumbers, carrots, pumpkins – 24 h.

Used together with chemical fertilizers Green-PIK LAT Vermicompost Extract does not lose its values.



Observe all recommended portions.
Don`t sprinkle in windy and hot weather.
After use observe all hygiene norms.

Store in dark place, temp. +5 – 25C (higher than 25 bacteria become inactive). Green-PIK LAT Vermicompost Extract is completely compatible with all means of plant preventives (except sulfates). Allowed to use in biological cultivation of plants in accordance with the rule of Council of Europe No. 889/2008.

Available packing: 0,5 L; 1,5 L